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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Real Estate Photography – FAQs

1) Why should I hire a professional real estate photographer?

Hiring a professional real estate photographer provides several benefits. WolfReel Visuals has the technical knowledge and experience to capture your property in its best light, highlighting its features and appeal to potential buyers. We only use high-quality equipment and employ professional post-processing techniques to create stunning images that help your property stand out in a competitive real estate market. Investing in professional photography will lead to quicker sales and often higher selling prices.

2) How does professional real estate photography affect home sales?

Professional real estate photography can significantly impact home sales. High-quality, professional photos will attract more potential buyers, lead to more showings, and often result in quicker sales. In many cases, properties with professional photos will also sell for higher prices. Photos or videos are often the first impression a potential buyer has of a property, so investing in professional photography and videography can pay significant dividends.

3) Can I use these photos for my online listings and marketing materials?

Yes, the photos from your WolfReel Visuals photoshoot are typically provided in a format suitable for both print and online use. They can be used in online listings, social media posts, brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials.

4) How can I use real estate photography to boost my online listing?

High-quality professional photos can significantly enhance your online property listing. Not only do they provide a visually appealing representation of your property, but they can also highlight key selling points. Detailed room photos, aerial shots, and virtual tours can provide a comprehensive view of the property, helping potential buyers to visualize the space and develop an interest in viewing the property in person.

"A 2013 Redfin study found that homes professionally photographed with high-performance Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) sold quicker and for thousands of dollars, more than homes shot with amateur photos. "

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"Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos and only 20% each on the listing and agent descriptions".

– The Wall Street Journal

Services and Procedures – FAQs

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5) What is the turnaround time for real estate photography?

Typically, WolfReel Visuals can deliver your professionally edited photos within 48 to 72 hours from the time of the shoot. However, this may vary based on the photographer’s schedule, the size of the property, and the specific services requested. It’s always best to discuss timelines with your photographer in advance.

6) How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos you receive will largely depend on the size and features of your property. For an average-sized home, you can expect between 25-35 professionally edited photos. However, larger properties or properties with unique features might require more photos for a complete representation.

7) Do you offer 3D tours or virtual staging?

WolfReel Visuals offers advanced services like 3D Virtual Tours and Virtual Staging/Digital Renderings. 3D tours allow potential buyers to navigate through the property virtually, providing an immersive experience. Virtual staging/digital renderings involve digitally adding furniture and decor to photos of empty rooms, which can help buyers visualize the potential of the space.

8) Do you offer aerial or drone photography?

WolfReel Visuals provides Aerial or Drone Photography and Videography, which can provide a unique perspective of your property. This is particularly useful for large properties or those with extensive grounds. Aerial photography can highlight the scale and layout of a property, as well as any surrounding features such as a pool, garden, or nearby points of interest.

9) What type of equipment do you use for real estate photography?

WolfReel Visuals only uses high-quality DSLR or mirrorless cameras along with a variety of professional lenses, including wide-angle lenses to capture entire rooms or landscapes. They also employ tripods for stability and may use additional professional lighting equipment or reflectors to enhance natural light. For aerial shots and 3D virtual tours, we use commercially licensed drones and specialized 3D cameras.

10) Do you offer post-production editing?

Yes, WolfReel Visuals includes post-production editing in our services. This can involve adjusting lighting and color, correcting lens distortion, enhancing details, and sometimes even removing minor imperfections. The goal is to produce the most visually appealing and accurate representation of your property. However, it’s important to note that ethics and laws in real estate require that images do not materially misrepresent the property.

11) What is HDR photography and do you use it?

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, photography is a technique that combines multiple images taken at different exposure levels to create a single photo with a greater range of shadows and highlights. WolfReel Visuals uses HDR techniques to ensure that interior shots are evenly lit and exterior views seen through windows are clear and well-exposed. This helps to create more striking and visually appealing images of your property.

12) What is twilight photography, and how can it benefit my listing?

Twilight photography involves taking photos of the property during the ‘golden hour’ at sunset or the ‘blue hour’ just after sunset. This can create dramatic, warm, and inviting images with beautiful lighting. Twilight photos can often help to set a property apart in listings, and can be especially beneficial for properties with impressive exterior lighting, landscaping, or views.

13) What is the process for shooting multi-unit or large properties?

Shooting multi-unit or large properties typically involves a more extensive process than shooting single-unit properties. We will usually work closely with you or the property owner or manager to plan the shoot and decide which areas and features to highlight. We may take more photos and spend more time on post-processing to ensure that each unit or area of the property is showcased effectively. We also often use drones or aerial photography to capture the scale and layout of large properties.

Logistics and Planning – FAQs

14) What should I do to prepare my property for the photo shoot?

Before the photo shoot, it’s important to clean and declutter your home. Clear away any personal items and make sure all areas are tidy and well-organized. You should also consider staging your home, which can involve arranging furniture and decor to enhance the appeal of your space. It’s also beneficial to ensure all lights are working, and curtains or blinds are open to maximize natural light. Your photographer can provide more specific advice based on your property and the planned shoot. For more information on What to Expect at Your Real Estate Photoshoot Click Here

15) How long does a typical real estate photo shoot take?

The length of a photo shoot can vary depending on the size and complexity of the property, but generally, you can expect a shoot to take anywhere from 1-3 hours. This includes time to photograph all key areas of the property, as well as any specific features you’d like to highlight. For larger properties, or those requiring more complex services like drone photography or 3D tours, the session may take longer.

16) Do I need to be present during the photo shoot?

While it’s not usually necessary for you to be present during the photo shoot, you’re certainly welcome to be. Some homeowners prefer to be on-site to answer any questions we may have, or to point out specific features you’d like captured. Often clients prefer to provide us with access to the property and let us work independently. WolfReel Visuals will do what works best for you both.

17) What if I need to cancel or reschedule the photo shoot?

At WolfReel Visuals we understand situations can change and we will make every effort possible accommodate you. Because we book our shoots in advance and lock down a specific time period for your shoot. That time period cannot be utilized by another client, therefore we require 24 to 48 hours’ notice to avoid a cancellation fee. If you need to reschedule, we will reschedule to your new preferred time, depending on availability.

18) What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the shoot?

If the weather is poor on the day of your scheduled shoot WolfReel Visuals will be in touch to discuss options. Depending on the severity of the weather and the flexibility of our schedule, we may suggest rescheduling the shoot for a better day. If rescheduling isn’t an option, we may still be able to shoot interior photos and return to do exteriors on a better day.

19) What happens if I have to cancel my shoot?

At WolfReel, we understand that sometimes plans change. If you need to cancel your shoot, please provide at least 24 hours notice to avoid any fees. If the cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice, a $200 cancellation fee will be applied.

This policy helps us manage our schedule and ensures that we can offer the best service to all our clients. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please call us at (603) 568-3829 as soon as possible.

Rights and Pricing – FAQs

Professional Photography Services

20) Do I own the copyright to the photos?

WolfReel Visuals provides a license to all our clients to use the photos for a specific purpose, such as advertising the property for sale. This means you can use the photos for your listing and other promotional purposes, but can’t sell the photos or use them for other purposes without WolfReel Visual’s written permission.

21) What are your rates for real estate photography?

WolfReel Visuals has some of the most competitive rates in New Hampshire. To review our rate packages click here. (there will be a link to a rate page that will also feature your Alpha Premiere Program)

Professional Real Estate Photography

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